Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Fling with a College Girl

Although we technically met in High School, we really didn't know each other until college - and not the same college.  She was smart, funny, beautiful, and a firebrand.  I loved everything about her - so I married her.

15 years and two kids later, she's back in school.  She had a successful career as a chemist working for a large pharmaceutical company and a slightly smaller bio tech company.  After much deliberation, she decided to take a sabbatical from that career to have an raise our two children.  She didn't trust anyone else to do a better job.  I would have supported any decision she made, but secretly I didn't trust anyone else to do a better job either.

My son starts kindergarten in the fall, my daughter starts preschool as well.  My wife decided she was ready to start considering what to do when they both spend a majority of their day outside the home.  Her decision - nursing school.  She had considered it several times, mentioned it to a friend, and they both took the plunge together.  They both tested out of a basic course but this week was the first time back in the classroom.

We met in college, were married in college, and survived both of our graduate educations together.  I recognized the anxiety of classwork returning, but I also see that glint of happiness at learning something new and testing her skills in the arena - so to speak. She loves competition, mostly because she wins so often (she was valedictorian in high school, finished her chemistry degree a year early, and qualifies for Mensa but doesn't join because she really only needs to know that she can). She would never say anything about her accomplishments and is probably shaking her head as she reads this post - by the way, thanks for reading my blog sweetheart.  

What do I get out of the deal?  A happy wife, a lot more free time to finish that novel I'm working on (or blog - this is my second post today), and the ability to tell everyone that I'm having a fling with a college girl.


  1. How bout that. We will be in school at the same time. Of course last time I was in school at the same time as her I got my intellectual butt kicked so I should be careful. Well done JD.

  2. She is indeed a firebrand! I'm excited about her new pursuit...and think she'll succeed at anything she tries. Here's to a happy wife!

  3. Brohammas - Congrats. Being careful is always a good practice, but I'm sure you will do well.

    Ann - She said "I'm not a firebrand am I?" last night when she read the post. I said "yes - and it's a compliment." Thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one who thinks so.